products liability

The liability of manufacturers and other persons for defective products. Under the Consumer Protection Act (1987), passed to conform with the requirements of EU law, the producer of a defective product that causes death or personal injury or damage to property is strictly liable for the damage. A claim may only be made for damage to property if the property was for private use or consumption and the value of the damage caused exceeds £275. The persons liable for a defective product are the producer (i. e. the manufacturer, including producers of component parts and raw materials), any persons who hold themselves out to be producers by putting their names or trade marks on the product, a person who imports the product into the EU, and a supplier who fails, when reasonably requested to do so by the person injured, to identify the producer or importer of the product. The purchaser of a defective product may sue the seller for breach of contract in failing to supply a product that conforms to the contract. Under the same Act suppliers of consumer goods must ensure that the goods comply with the general safety requirement. Otherwise they commit a criminal offence. See also consumer protection

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